East Orange, NJ Implements Relief Program for Motorists with Unpaid Parking Violations

EAST ORANGE, New Jersey – In a move aimed at providing much-needed relief to motorists, the city of East Orange has announced a special initiative to address unpaid parking violations. Mayor Ted Green revealed on Thursday that the town is recommending special consideration for all unpaid parking tickets issued between 2017 and 2021, effectively waiving the fines associated with those violations.

This one-time measure is expected to forgo an estimated $16 million in fines owed to the city by offenders. East Orange officials emphasized that a significant portion of these funds would have been allocated to state fees and other expenses, rather than directly benefiting the city’s residents.

Mayor Green underscored the larger objective of the initiative, which is to alleviate the financial strain experienced by East Orange motorists who have faced challenges during the ongoing pandemic. The mayor acknowledged the stress and burden associated with parking in the city and expressed his hope that this initiative would help alleviate some of those concerns for residents.

Parking regulations in East Orange have long been a contentious issue, with rules such as overnight parking restrictions on certain residential streets and one-side parking on other streets sparking debates among both residents and visitors.

It is important to note that individuals with outstanding parking tickets will still be required to appear in court to resolve their cases and address any additional matters related to their violations.

The implementation of this relief program reflects East Orange’s commitment to supporting its community members during these challenging times. By extending this significant break to motorists with past parking violations, the city aims to alleviate financial burdens and foster a more positive parking experience for its residents.

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