Opinion: Strengthening Traffic Law Enforcement to Ensure Safety on New Jersey Roads

June 13, 2023

As a resident of New Jersey, I commend the implementation of traffic light cameras as a means of enforcing traffic laws. However, I would like to raise a crucial point that warrants attention from the municipalities utilizing this technology: the need for an adequate number of boots to assist in the collection of fines.

In certain municipalities, the act of running a red light seems to be regarded as a mere suggestion by some drivers. It is concerning that these same individuals who flagrantly disregard traffic signals may continue to evade fines until their vehicles are subjected to booting, towing, and impoundment. To ensure the effectiveness of traffic light cameras, it is imperative that municipalities take proactive measures to enforce penalties, thereby discouraging reckless behavior on our roads.

Moreover, it is not solely within the borders of our state that this issue persists. The neighboring state of Connecticut should also consider employing similar traffic surveillance measures on its Route 15 highway. By utilizing cameras to capture license plate information of commercial vehicles traversing the highway, authorities can address the growing concern of out-of-state commercial vehicles, including box trucks, bearing New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York commercial plates.

Astonishingly, during my frequent trips along the Merritt towards Stamford, I have observed a significant number of these vehicles passing me by. It is perplexing that drivers fail to adhere to the clearly marked signage, which includes informative pictographs for those who may face difficulties in reading. These visual aids leave no room for excuses.

The enforcement of traffic laws is pivotal for maintaining the safety and well-being of both residents and visitors to our great state. By combining the utilization of traffic light cameras with the implementation of appropriate measures such as booting and towing, we can instill a sense of accountability and encourage responsible driving behavior.

It is my hope that both New Jersey municipalities and our neighboring state of Connecticut will take these suggestions into serious consideration. By prioritizing the enforcement of traffic laws, we can foster a safer and more harmonious environment on our roads.

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